The Race Pimps are at it Again

I usually don’t blog the hometown beat, but this one has me a little incensed. The DallasMorning News is reporting on the firing of (ex-)Chief Bolton, and the Race Pimps are out in force.

“It’s not about race,” Mayor Laura Miller said. “It’s a crime issue.”But many blacks said race had everything to do with the abrupt cancellation of the chief’s Dallas Police Department career after 23 years.

“The mayor is a racist,” said an angry Jordan Blair, publisher of the Elite News, a weekly newspaper aimed at black readers. “If Terrell Bolton were white, he would still be police chief.”

If Terrell Bolton was white, he never would have had the job. Bolton was elected for one reason: John Wiley Price, my county commissioner and Head Race Pimp of Dallas. The deciding factor is in this 1999 article:

Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price, who has led weekly pickets to protest what he calls racism within the department, called for the next chief to be a minority from inside the department.

Not that the next chief be the best man for the job. Not that the next chief be fair and impartial as to race. Just that he be black. I don’t know about your upbringing, but my honkey peckerwood whitebread upbringing taught me that if the only thing you are worried about when you hire someone is the color of his skin, that makes you a racist. Must be my Klan upbringing showing.

Where is the HRPIC at right now on the issue? Here’s his quote in the paper:

County Commissioner John Wiley Price, one of Dallas County’s most politically powerful blacks, said Ms. Miller and others were relentlessly unfair to Chief Bolton.”If in fact, per capita crime in Dallas has been No. 1 nine of the last 12 years, it speaks for itself,” Mr. Price said. “That means it goes back to [former Chief Bill] Rathburn, to Ben Click. But you’ve got The Morning News weighing in, saying it’s time for him to go. You’ve got rank-and-file [officers] that never wanted him to amount to anything. He’s got a lot going against him.”

Mr. Price said Dallas blacks will view the firing harshly.

“We traditionally, and rightfully so, are suspect of the Police Department,” Mr. Price said. “So if you wind up with a brother at the helm, and he’s hanging on by his fingernails, when he gets fired, it makes us even more suspicious.”

Mr. Price said he would push city officials to hire a black chief to replace Chief Bolton.

Let me translate from race-pimpese for you:

You aren’t fair to black folks.Black chiefs shouldn’t be expected to reduce crime at the same rate as the rest of the country. It is OK if they just hold at the same level while every place else in the country gets safer. It also isn’t a big deal if most of the police force never wanted him to have the job in the first place, since being black is enough qualification.

You’re going to get some protesting out of this one, buddy.

Black folks have an irrational fear of the police, but they are chauvinistic enough to think that they are little safer if the chief is black, and now they are going to be convinced that whitey is coming to break down their doors now.

I told you to put a black man in last time, and you better do it again!

I heard this guy on the radio this morning. He has been coming on the radio for a while, and had me pretty convinced that he had hung up his big Race Pimp hat. He threw that right out the window this morning. The first words out of his mouth were “black man in the south” “three-fifths” “60% of the income of whites.” And the only think I could think was, “What the fuck does that have to do with the chief of police?” You know the answer? Nothing. It is the same old rhetoric as ever, and there is no thought behind it. It is the “Gimme, it�s mine!” mentality, and I am sick of it.

At least the Hispanic pimps have some pride:

“I hope everything settles down, and we get a chief who is supported by all the department,” Mr. Cerda said. “I would say I would like the chief to be Hispanic � a qualified Hispanic.”

“If you can find a qualified Mexican, I would rather you put him in” is a hell of a lot more reasonable than “a black man or else!” (Even if it is still racist.)

Jim Schutze over at the Dallas Absurder — I mean, Observer, has been on the job for a while, and sums it up pretty well.

There are whole layers of history here that have never been shared with the public. First of all, Dallas police Chief Terrell Bolton is John Wiley Price’s chief of police. In 1998, County Commissioner Price, the city’s most influential black leader, and an attorney friend of his developed the entire case against former Chief Ben Click for so-called “disparate discipline”–the notion that Click’s department handed out much tougher discipline to minority officers than to whites.The Dallas Observer published a thorough story on it by Miriam Rozen showing that the case, while not lock-cinch, was persuasive. The Justice Department came to town and announced a big investigation.

The outcome of all that was a deal brokered by Price. Click was out. Bolton was in. End of story. End of investigation. And tragically for the department, end of discipline reform.

No one has suffered more brutally from Bolton’s misrule than minorities in this city. The entire “Sheetrock” or fake-drugs scandal, in which his department sent to prison people on whom fake drugs had been planted, fell on the backs of Mexican immigrants. More than 80 percent of the victims of violent crime in this city are people of color.

And the cops do seem to be out of control. For the past year, some of the most committed and sincere leaders in the African-American community, led by the Reverend L. Charles Stovall, have been agitating on the issue of police shootings of minorities. I have huge respect for Stovall and have spoken to him a number of times about this. Each time, he tells me that the criticism of the police department must not and cannot be allowed to touch the chief.

We have a chief that can’t seem to do anything about the crime rate. We have a chief that can’t seem to root out dirty cops planting evidence on poor Mexicans. We have a chief that can’t seem to get his cops to stop manhandling people for trumped up charges like “failure to ID.” We have a chief that just can’t seem to do his job.

Correction: had.

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