White House Gets It

While Arafat calls on Palestinians to commit to cease-fire the White House seems to finally get it:

In Washington, the Bush administration dismissed Arafat’s move, saying he is trying to undermine Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas and the peace process.

“Nothing has changed in respect to Arafat,” said State Department spokesman Phil Reeker.

Reeker and a White House spokeswoman, Claire Buchan both said Arafat is “part of the problem, not part of the solution.”

Horray! The sooner the world makes Arafat persona non grata (that’s Latin, not French) the better. I would like to say that we have finally given up on dealing with murdering terrorists, but it is pretty certain that Abbas was the financier of Black September. We are still better off turning our backs on the biggest murderer.

Also, in an interview with Reuters, Arafat is quoted as saying he is ready to take action against the militant groups on the condition that Israel stop its strikes against them.

David Saranga, an Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman, asked, “Why does Arafat wait for Israeli action before he is acting against terrorism?

“The Palestinian Authority should act against the infrastructure of terrorism as soon as possible and they should start doing it today, if not yesterday,” said Saranga.

First of all, you are supposed to have already turned those duties over to Abbas, you murdering liar. Second, it shouldn’t be an “either / or” matter. You should be working with the Israelis to root out the terrorists, not in lieu of the IDF.

Take a look at that roadmap you agreed to, you piece of slime.

Phase I Highlights: PA

  • Dismantles “terrorist capabilities and infrastructure”
  • Ends all incitement against Israel

That isn’t phase I-B. That isn’t phase I.2. That isn’t phase I(b). That is phase ONE. Do it or face total war.

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