A German Hawk

HZB at Cum Grano Salis has a post about his view on the war on terror from a German perspective. It is encouraging to see that reason does work sometimes, but I’m afraid that he is the exception rather than the rule.

I read, and learned a lot concerning this issue. Not only did I look up facts, but I also reflected on the different mindsets between America and Europe. I’ll try to give a short summary of what I think were key points that let me hold a moderate pacifist opinion in the past (in no particular order):
– One-sidedness of German media
– Understimation of 9-11’s impact on American psyche
– Idealization of the UN
– Thin knowledge concerning the issue
– An US administration utilizing “straight talk”
– Perception of US foreign policy as “egoistic”.

He details this very very well, and does a good job of explaining where he was and how he got to where he is now. It was explainative for me, and might be for others, too.

I want to believe that most Euros who are against this really are misinformed and don’t really have access to the big picture. I don’t have that illusion about Americans who share the opinion.


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