Bush the Puppy-blender

Chuck Karuthammer (do you mind if I call you Chuck?) has a new column: What Makes The Bush Haters So Mad? This is something I have been wondering for a while.

That something is the unhinging of the Democratic Party. Democrats are seized with a loathing for President Bush — a contempt and disdain giving way to a hatred that is near pathological — unlike any since they had Richard Nixon to kick around. An otherwise reasonable man, Julian Bond of the N.A.A.C.P.,…

(Buwahaha!!! Okay, so he is allowed one whopper a column. At least it is a little white lie. No pun intended.)

… speaks of Bush’s staffing his Administration with “the Taliban wing of American politics.” Harold Meyerson, editor at large of The American Prospect, devotes a 3,000-word article to explaining why Bush is the most dangerous President in all of American history — his only rival being Jefferson Davis.

What was so bad about Jefferson Davis? There weren’t any more slaves in his administration than Lincoln’s. He had no “Imperialist” campaigns to invade another country like Lincoln. Every knows that it is illegal for a president to declare war on another country and impose a regime change just because he might be mistreating some of the people in his country, right? That warmongering Lincoln did.

The current complaint is that Bush is a deceiver, misleading the country into a war, after which there turned out to be no weapons of mass destruction. But it is hard to credit the deception charge when every intelligence agency on the planet thought Iraq had these weapons and, indeed, when the weapons there still remain unaccounted for. Moreover, this is a post-facto rationale. Sure, the aftermath of the Iraq war has made it easier to frontally attack Bush. But the loathing long predates it. It started in Florida and has been deepening ever since Bush seized the post-9/11 moment to change the direction of the country and make himself a President of note.

Which is why the Democratic candidates are scrambling desperately to out-Dean Dean. Their constituency is seized with a fever, and will nominate whichever candidate feeds it best. Political fevers are a dangerous thing, however. The Democrats last came down with one in 1972–and lost 49 states.

Chuck isn’t the first one to note the paralells between Dean and Mondale. RTWT.

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