I think I know what White Glenn’s favorite music is. Carnival Calliope music. One of the dark secrets White Glenn harbors from his hundreds of years as a hobo-smiting vampire is that he is… a carnie.

Yes, White Glenn is a member of yet another one of society’s classes even more hated than gypsies. I suspect that it was at this point in his hundreds of years that he acquired the taste of blended puppies. His town hopping with the carnival helped him evade the posses and sheriffs of the day, as he murdered and supped on hobo after hobo, in the very same railyards that the carnival travelled through.

Behold — White Glenn the carnie:


We must stop this puppy-blending hobo-smiting Deal-A-Mealing Vampire Assassin Robot-Dancing Penguin-pornographing Tiddlywink-fixing DEMOCRAT!

Instapundo delenda est!

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