Scott over at The Gamer’s Nook is bitching that “All Anti-Bush blogs are traitors, says Dumsfeld”.

Sorry. ‘Taint so. When you lie, that makes you as bad as you think Bush is.

Let’s look at what the actual story says:

Democratic criticism of the Republican administration’s invasion of Iraq and post-war rebuilding efforts complicated efforts to try and get the message out that progress was being made, Rumsfeld said. “It does complicate it, it makes it more difficult, but I guess that’s life,” he said.

That means that he acknowledges reality, something that the opposition of this war seem to want to avoid.

When you oppose someone’s actions, it makes it harder for them. When you oppose the War on Terror, you make it more difficult. This isn’t some advanced Political Science theory; this is basic common sense. If you are going to oppose these actions, you had better take into account whether or not you are doing more harm than good.

When you have terrorists thanking you for helping them try to stop the war, you should think long and hard about your position.

Rumsfield didn’t accuse anyone of treason. He would be within the realm of reason to do so, given the definition of treason, but he didn’t. There is even precedent for it, since Mark Twain was accused of treason for opposing the war in the Phillipines. But this hasn’t been done, and it is slanderous to accuse him of that.

He said if Washington’s enemies believed Bush might waver or his opponents prevail, that could increase support for their activities.

“They take heart in that and that leads to more money going into these activities or that leads to more recruits or that leads to more encouragement or that leads to more staying power,” he told reporters traveling with him on his plane.

“Obviously that does make our task more difficult.”

Nothing he said is untrue. You might take that into account and still come to the conclusion that the harm you do in your opposition is outweighed by the good you think will be done if you succeed, but to knee-jerk to a “nuh huh” is delusional and dangerous.

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