Black Glenn takes issue with people who take issue with Islam. In specific, he states (emphasis his):

For all of you people who paint Muslim and Islam as a religion of hate and indiscriminately hate Muslims and talk of “killin’ ’em all,” YOU ARE ALL PIECES OF SHIT AND I HOPE YOU DIE AND ROT IN HELL.

I think that I must be a half a piece of shit, since I think that Islam is a religion of hate, although I don’t hate all Muslims.

Glenn thinks that everyone who paints Islam with a broad brush is analogous to the anti-black bigots. Sorry. Islam is a religion of hate, and I have good reasons for thinking so.

First, let’s make some distinctions. I hate Islam. I do not hate Muslims. I don’t agree with them, but I can disagree with a lot of people without hating them. I try not to hold Arabs in the light of Islam, but it is hard. Damned hard. They are virtually all Muslims, and they condone the things about Islam that I hate, if they don’t totally support it.

Islam is a militant religion based on death. I can’t think of another death based religion since the Thugees save for Islam. Judaism is a life philosophy; since there isn’t any real afterlife (only eventual resurrection) it is in a Jew’s best interest to have fun while he is alive. In Christianity, although the afterlife has a big part in things, one gets there by living and loving. Only in Islam is the path to Heaven greased with the blood of martyrs and enemies.

Islam teaches that a short life with a violent death is best, and that is deplorable, but understandable when you look at what Islam was formed for. It was formed by a warlord, rejected by the Christians and Jews of his time, who formed what is essentially a taxation and annexation system.

This first half of Islam is jihad. A lot of people tell you that jihad is a spiritual struggle. That is disingenuous at best, and a lie at the heart. This is like saying that a crusade is struggle for a goal. It might be used in that sense, but that isn’t what it means: it means holy war. In the same way, jihad means war, real blood and steel and bashed out brains war. When the Koran speaks of jihad, that is what it means. Convert others at the sword.

And that brings us to the second half of Islam. Taxation. When jihad came to town, when the Muslims won, you had three choices. You could convert, and you could pay the Muslim tax; you could submit, and pay the much higher — and financially suicidal — infidel tax; or you could die.

This isn’t anything unique to Islam; medieval Europe had a similar system (I bet you weren’t expecting the Spanish Inquisition), but we grew out of it. If we hadn’t, I would hate Christianity the same way. The important distinction is that the Spanish Inquisition was an aberration of Christianity, while Jihad is central to Islam. Islam cannot grow out of Jihad and stay Islam.

I joke a lot that the only good Muslim is a bad Muslim, but it is true. The “moderate” Muslims — the ones he see Jihad as a spiritual struggle — are the aberration, and I don’t believe that they can hold the line. Islam has always been a violent and warlike religion, and I hate violent and warlike religions.

I can hate the game without hating the player; can you love the player without loving the game?

I’ll get over it when the last militant radical Islamist is dead.


  1. glenn says:

    ok, re-reading that now I didn’t see the “militant” part in your comment the first time. If I HAD saw it I prob wouldn’t have added it. You qualified your statement 🙂

  2. Oki says:

    Excellent post.

    “I joke a lot that the only good Muslim is a bad Muslim”

    My experience too.

  3. joe says:

    A while ago, a bunch of American Christian missionaries set up a hospital in the wastes of Yemen, hoping to help the poor and needy; to give them the medical care they couldn’t afford. It was a success, many people used it. Then what happens? Anybody hazard a guess?? A young Muslim walks in with an AK and kills 3 doctors to “cleanse my religion”. That incident has always stayed with me. It proves to me once and for all the VAST difference there is between how Christians behave and preach their faith, as opposed to how Muslims behave and preach their faith. The fact that it fell to foreign Christians to give aid to poor Muslims speaks volumes. Their decrepit government isn’t fit to be called a government, which can said for the majority of Muslim governments.

    Mohammed was a false prophet, one of many Christ warned of. You only have to read the demonic Hadiths (which the majority of Muslims don’t seem to have, oddly enough)to see that. One thing’s for sure, I’ll be printing a whole list of those Hadiths with sources and send them off to my local government representitive and ask him if he still thinks Islam is a peaceful religion.


  4. sue says:

    As someone much cleverer than me once said ‘religion is the opium of the masses’. Not only is it that but is is and always has been the way to keep control over populations.

    ‘Modern’ Islam is a myth. Islam has resisted change for 800 yrs. In 1200 the Islamic world was in advance of the states in Europe but it has not moved on at all. Islam has allowed those in control to keep millions of people without any modern advances and it has encouraged the ****** treatment of women. (Which is not in the Koran. All people should dress modestly, it does not say women should wear shrouds,)
    Now I think parts of this Islamic world are just jealous and are using the religious power they have over the young to disrupt and threaten.
    If you follow Islam and dont like the West then you are free to go and live in a muslim country, and I wish you all would, leaving those muslims who wish to live in peace here to do so.
    I have spent all my life saying that people should be allowed to live as they wish and that tolerance should should rule, but now I am faced with a religion so intolerant of all other views that it is a threat to everyone. Islam must reform or the BNP and others will grow in strength and I dont want to see that.

  5. Paco says:

    I agree with the first post. I am a Hindu. People in my family were hacked to death by Islamic millitants for being Hindu. I HATE ISLAM. However, I have many Muslim friends. I don’t hate them, even when they try to convert me and tell me I’m going to Hell for being an infidel.
    I believe that if Islam was more peaceful, than I would get along with it.

  6. 'Bean says:

    As an Ex-Moslem, I can tell stories that would make one’s hair curl permanently . . . .

    I don’t understand this current trend with “liberals” loving Palestinians and Islam.

    Frankly, given I *AM* an Ex-Moslem, I bloody *H*A*T*E* Islam and the damn Immams, to boot: long the the West, long live Asia, long live the Christians and the Jews (except the American Protestant Fundamentalists – who are Christian Moslems), and the rest . . . turn into a lake of glass.

    Sad part is, as a Socialist, I have a hell of a time stopping my peers from engaging in the Islamic-Kissing-Fest (ironic, given the Moslems would immediately take away every woman’s, gay’s, and non-Moslem’s rights instantly upon winning any election).



  7. 'Bean says:

    And kindly forgive the typos, would you? All that damn Quran force-fed into my head occasionally messes with issues like “rational thought.”

    Granted, I’m clearly getting better . . . .

    Oy – I’m so *GLAD* I am no longer a Moslem!


  8. Mohamed says:

    i dont Know why all you people have hate for islam…

    Islam is a peaceful religion….the US Government are twisting my faith. and You people are the ones who have fell for it. you are the so called “idiots”, who america and the “Zionist” are fooling.

    Now, i live in London…i’m 18 and hang out with my fellow black people…i go clubs, chill, listen to hip hop. i am the typical teenager. but i also remember my faith, my god and my prophet.

    now, if he hate all muslims then thats your problem. let me tell you something, keep this at the back of your mind…

    where is bin laden? well this so called “Muslim” is not in hiding but with the americans drinkin.
    this is a plot to be against muslims…this is when the so called fuckin idiots “Zionist” try to take control of the world. they are using america for bait, they dont want to be known.

    islam is my faith, i love it, never will be changed and may allah bless you guys to see the truth.


  9. Nigel Boag says:

    I was amused by the comments of ‘Mohamed’.

    Now, i live in London…i’m 18 and hang out with my fellow black people…i go clubs, chill, listen to hip hop. i am the typical teenager.

    If this is an accurate picture of a British teenager, the future of that country is very bleak. The first thing that is apparent about his post is that he is semi-literate, the second that he is full of hatred and anger.
    I wonder if he knows anything about the history of Zionism, the history of the country that he lives in, (but clearly does not belong in), or indeed, anything about world history or politics.

    Islam is a fertile breeding ground for such vapid imbeciles.

  10. Nephra et Domini says:

    Islam sadly is corrupt and the people who believe in it also has been corrupted. Some time ago the Christian belief also was corrupt but had been fixed, not quite perfect but the idea is there just like Islam is today. This is because the “end of times” has begun. Alot of the old will be destroyed. Many of you will perish but behold NOT all of you will be accepted in the kingdom of God simply because you will not pass the great test….Your Hearts and mind.To hate another person is to hate God and to kill is a premis to do the same to God which you will never be able to do. Have some wisdom and wisdom will guide you.
    Remember we are all Gods children no matter what you are he watches us like a farmer with his sheeps and he loves us like a mother who cares for her children…Forever!!!

  11. Mexigogue says:

    In the long run, we’re all goners. Kick back. Do a line.

  12. muslimah says:

    🙂 i could understand the rantings of almost all here. personally i feel, its the people who “abused” Islam and just using the religion name to commit a sin. which is Wrong in Islam. I guess its unfair to judge Islam just because of those who abused it. I have been a non-believer of religion for long and learnt about other religions. but i finally found Islam and has embraced it as my Faith eversince. I actually realised how pure and clean Islam is and never have i felt so calm like now. As a muslim woman, i have put on the hijab and feels good. i dont see hijab as a form of controlled and uneducated,limited and un-liberated& do not have opinions or voice. i wear it to shop, outings, lectures etc. it feels much safer as i dont reveal parts of my body which men will get stimulated. The Quran is for me, a manual in life. just like when u just buy an electronic device, u need a catalog that guides u in using the gadget. it is a tool of guidance in leading life. Islam is Beautiful. it creates a sense of calmness in one which will gradually reflects physically, emotionally, mentally& spiritually..if being followed properly.
    Thank you for reading my post. take care all.

  13. Muslim says:

    Allah (SAW) says in the Holy Quran: (which can be translated into) Those who Allah sets to the right path (correct thoughts, beliefs and lifestyles) nobody can set astray, and those who Allah sets astray (most of you on this forum) nobody can correct.

    Stay brainwashed with thoughts generated by your limited minds. You will one day regret it. I’ve done my warning.

    Message to Bean who is no longer a Muslim:
    If you do not return to your relegion, you will get double the torture in the hereafter. I’ve done my part.

  14. dot says:

    Message to Bean:God bless you for having the courage to renounce mean islam..As to Muslim’s post…you are afraid to see the truth because your so-called faith is free will there..and the punishment for such disobedience is described over and over in the koran/hadith about the tortures of hell with such detail it sounds like its coming from someone who takes great pleasure in inflicting all this torture and so descriptive it certainly sounds like its coming from someone with first hand information..from hell. Have you ever thought of this ..why would a god who forbids sex and drinking alcohol in this life allow it in unlimited proportions in paradise? after you’ve died a violent death murdering ‘infidels’ as a martyr,of course.. THAT’s because islam gives you nothing to live for, so it offers something to die for. By the way, for the married muslims in paradise..what is the wife going to be doing while her husband is enjoying this whorehouse in heaven?

  15. Muslim says:

    Peace be upon you.
    This life is a test, it is temperary. Allah (SAW) makes it clear in the Quran that he created “Death and Life” to test people who has better deeds. (Although Allah knows before, but this is a way of showing that Allah is fair and just) nobody enters hell for nothing. One of Allah’s names is that he is Just. No free will? I am who I am (a muslim) optionally. That’s what Islam means to surrender to Allah optionally, those who don’t surrender to God optionally in this life will surrender to him by force in the hereafter, so its basically when you do it that that judges where you go. I do what I do, and I beleive what I believe because I want to, because this is what I truely beleive is right. The reason torture in hell is descibed over and over is for confirmation, for warning. You left out that the rewards of Paradise are also described and mentioned over and over in the Quran. I don’t know what you are talking about when you talk about Martyrs, basically, my faith does not in any of its sources say that if I go blow myself up killing people who are not of my faith I will go paradise. This is NEVER mentioned, and I challenge anybody who says this. People who do this in the name of Islam abuse the name and don’t show the true nature of Islam. What is mentioned in the Quran in the subject of Killing is this “When Muslims are in a situation of Opression and the situation has become so bad, one is allowed to take up arms against THOSE who oppressed them” Self-Defense. So the US and Israel can have some Self-Defense and Muslims can’t? I am not saying that operations that kill civilians is what I am describing as self-defense. I am against that, and see it as an insult to my faith. Now, if one dies, while is defending himself against those who oppress him, he is considered a Martyr. That’s how it goes. The hereafter and this life don’t follow the same rules, in this life its “Deeds without reward” and in the hereafter its “reward without deeds” that’s how it goes. This makes me as Muslim watch what I do in my life. I don’t smoke, I don’t drink alchohol, I don’t go and sleep with my friend wife (or sex without marriage at least) I don’t lie, I don’t steal, I don’t offend without RIGHT cause, I take care of my guest, I discourage people to backbite. But most of all I have Peace of Mind and much more, and I want to ask YOU a question…Do you truly have peace of mind in the life that you live now? Are you all full, and have no gap in you? You are totally convinced that are right? Well I do. Now why do I do what I do, because I am afraid of Allah’s torture and I want his reward. That’s basically how it is. Nothing to live for? I have plently to live for..I have my family, I have to take care of them, they are the most important, I have my country, I must study to bring advance information to develop it, I must defend my faith and defend my brothers in conversation like this one from people like you who try to convince people to go astray, and most of all I must try and bring Justice to this world. The Hereafter is very different from this life, it does not fall under the same rules. In Paradise, there is no such thing as jelousy, lying, foul langauge, disturbance or noise, things that people in this life dream of. And most of the time, there are many things in the hereafter that we as human being with our limited minds cannot comprehend. How can this be, you ask? Well, let me give you an example on something suits your minds, Infinity. Can you imagine what it is exactly? No of course you can’t it goes on and on and on and on, and you can’t contain in in your head. This is one thing that you in this life cannot understand. And so is it this way in the Hereafter, many thing you cannot understand in this life, so many better things for those who ask for it here, because it is this life that is the test. The good will not come but for those who ask for it and be patient in this life. However, for those who don’t care, and don’t go by what God has commanded for, and even call against it. It is when God has a right to turture him forever. It is as simple as that. Paradise, you cannot compare it with here, it way over this exauhsted life we live. It is so much better. No let me ask you as a human who has a brain to think. Why wouldn’t you want something as good as this? Allah gave you this brain to think and yet you used to to go against Allah and to go after just fulfilling your desires…just like you are judged in court for actions you have done. You will be judged in the Ultimate court in the hereafter. Be Advised! Be Warned! I advise you to USE YOU HEAD.

    P.S. If the principle of life was “free will” and one can do whatever he wants when he wants, then I guess you wouldn’t mind me coming in your house, taking your money, sleeping in your bed, and just force out of your house. This can be my will, what’s what I might want. Allah gives you rules and obligatry actions to avoid this because as you see free will is what causes crimes, like stealing, murders, bank robberies. Free will cannot be applied in this life, but can be applied in the hereafter, because as I said it falls under different rules. Think with you head, there has to be a set of rules to go by, otherwise we just walk blind in the dark.

  16. Phelps says:

    I don’t know what you are talking about when you talk about Martyrs, basically, my faith does not in any of its sources say that if I go blow myself up killing people who are not of my faith I will go paradise. This is NEVER mentioned, and I challenge anybody who says this. People who do this in the name of Islam abuse the name and don’t show the true nature of Islam. What is mentioned in the Quran in the subject of Killing is this “When Muslims are in a situation of Opression and the situation has become so bad, one is allowed to take up arms against THOSE who oppressed them” Self-Defense. So the US and Israel can have some Self-Defense and Muslims can’t? I am not saying that operations that kill civilians is what I am describing as self-defense. I am against that, and see it as an insult to my faith.

    If this is what I heard every time someone did blow himself up in a pizza parlor, then my view of Islam would be entirely different. The truth of the matter is that this isn’t what I hear, and your voice is the exception rather than the rule. When something like that happens, what I hear is silence from the Muslim community, and that silence comes across as tacit approval.

  17. Muslim says:

    Peace be upon you
    As a matter of fact, my voice is the original rule. Islam never justifies the murder totally innecint (don’t mind the spelling) people just for who they are or what they believe. In a REAL Islamic country people of different faiths are granted the same rights that are granted to Muslims. But then again, you see some people in the name of Islam doing what they think is right and according to books. But then again, that doesn’t justify the actions of American and Israeli forces in Iraq and Palestine. It is not mentioned in the international media but EVERYDAY muslims in large numbers die in Iraq by American troops, and when you do mention these things in the media many people in the international community are in silence and don’t care. So you must be open-minded if you are going to talk about something like this. The resistance in Palestine mainly targets the source of their misery and pain, the Israeli Army, which most of their operations are against, and there are some extreme people that go after the rest of the Israeli population, but then again, keep in mind that Israel has a militant population. That doesn’t mean you can judge the relegion of Islam according to some people’s doings. Extremeism is every country. Now let me ask you, are all Americans drug additics and Alcholics. No. I know this because I have been there. But if I was to judge the whole American population from a couple of bums on the street that I think that would be a very incorrect judgment. Islam is not all about DEATH. Its about how to get along in LIFE. I am not denying that Jehad is a part of my faith. It is. But then again do most of you know what Jehad is? No, its not killing infidels. The big meaning of Jehad is self defending your self, your country, you people against those who attack it (something that said by any patriat in America, so American’s can fight in order to acheive their goals, and Muslims can’t?) , and putting yourself in deaths way in order to acheive Allah’s laws on the earth and protect your people. Jehad also means to control youself against your own desires, to prevent yourself from falling in Sin. You can’t judge a whole relegion from a couple of actions that you witnessed on the news. Islam calls for taking care of your parents, for a man to take care of is family. These are ways of getting to paradise, but of course its not the main scale, and let me give you something in mind. If peace was to spread over the Muslim lands and Muslims are no longer in Oppression, war must stop, all killing must stop, and all non-muslims in the Islamic country are protected. These are the original laws. But then again, there is much more to it. Silence heard from the Muslim community is the not a good move, but we also need to hear some noise from other parts of the world to what is happening on our side. Our noise goes mainly to what is happening on our own side, just like your noise is concentrated on what is happening on yours.

    I am not saying that I know all. But most Muslim people have a misunderstanding of Islam and this is true. But Muslim will never compromise their Releigion and faith to the likings of the Non-Muslims, and Allah knows Best.