“Music to Whack Terrorists By”

Once again I choose to accept this Mission from The Alliance. The question is

What song(s) would you put on the CD, ‘Music to Whack Terrorists By’?

I started putting together a list that had Wagner (Ride of the Valkyrie) and Bjork (Hunter) but as I was making the list, one group came up over and over: Jackyl. In my opinion, the songs have already been collected onto a CD: Choice Cuts.

First, we have “Locked and Loaded”:

Whatcha gonna do when the sun don’t shine

And the moon don’t come up right on time

Whatcha gonna do when the storm won’t break

And the whip won’t crack
And the earth won’t quake
Whatcha gonna do when the knife won’t cut
The blood won’t flow and ya mouth run dry
Whatcha gonna do when it crumbles in your hand
It’s an eye for an eye when your high horse dies
Primed and ready
Feelin’ nasty, seein’ red
Locked & loaded
Locked & loaded
Locked & loaded
Aimin’ for your soul
Locked & loaded
Whatcha gonna do when the lightnin’ flash
And ya bridges burn and ya start to crash
And a pill won’t take that pain away
But it makes you feel good in a different way
Who ya gonna blame when the man calls time
And the clock runs down and your soul is mine
And how ya gonna pray when ya hands are tied
And you look in my face and you know I lied

Follow that with “Headed for Destruction”:

Hello everybody, welcome to the show
We’re headed for destruction, don’t you want to go

It’s time to romp and stomp
It’s time to jam
It’s time for you to kick some dirt up off the ground
Are you out, are you in, if you’re in are you for sure
‘Cause if you’re in you’re in, and if you’re out you’re out
And get your ass on out the door

How about a little “Push Comes to Shove”?

Ill as a hornet, swarming around
Your political correct world is incorrect I’ve found
An angry young man is what I became
The day that you got full of yourself, and now only you’re to blame

Push me on off of the ledge
I’m standing with my toes hanging over the edge
Not worried about a push coming down from above
I’m ready for you
When push comes to shove

Don’t forget “I Stand Alone”

Well everytime I move Every step I make
You know I just can’t seem to take the right direction

I’m always wrong I’m never right
Right or wrong there always seems to be a correction

And I give everything I got
And they take Take Take Take Take everything I’m giving

My back is tired My legs both ache
In this life There is no cake This life I’m livin’

I stand alone today WHY YOU FEEL Don’t ask me why I feel
I just know I feel this way WHAT YOU SAY I stand alone today
I stand alone today WHY YOU FEEL Don’t ask me why I feel
I just know I feel this way WHAT YOU SAY I stand alone today

I like Jackyl. Jesse James Dupree rules.

Joe Bob says check it out.


  1. Harvey says:

    Got it! You’re in 🙂

  2. Mike the Marine says:

    I ALMOST put “Locked and Loaded” on my list in the Alliance HQ comments, but I didn’t think anybody really knew Jackyl and I damn sure didn’t think that anybody knew that song. The “Lumberjack song” maybe, but not that one. Another reason to love that song: it was co-written by and tag-teamed with AC/DC’s Brian Johnson (and you have to listen DAMN close to tell JJ and Brian’s voices apart!)

    Couple years back, a buddy of mine and I put that song over a video of some A-10’s blowing stuff up. I can vouch for it’s “Terrorist-Whacking” potential.

  3. kenny says:

    i agree with the assumption.