Surviving the Instalanche

Wizbang has advice on How To Get An Instalanche. Most of it centers around pestering White Glenn until he gets pissed at you and smotes your site.

Not to rain on his parade or anything, but I’ve gotten one Instalanche, and I never asked for it. I just make posts; he got to me from Technorati. He thought I had an insigtful comment (I guess) and linked to it. You don’t always have to work on getting noticed; do good work and you will get noticed.

The trick on that way, though, is to make sure that you are pinging Technorati, and get in early on a story. Say something different, and say something that is true but people might not notice at first. About a third of my measly hit count is from that Instalanche. I don’t really link whore, so I like to think the other two thirds is a better indication of how I write.

That the other two thirds come from other places is telling too. I got about 800 hits from that Instalanche (a mini-lanche?) but only about 10 of them stuck around. I’ve gotten a lot more hits from making good comments in other bigger blogs, and people following them back to my site, if my referrers are to be believed.

Then again, I get a lot of hits from wierd ass searches. “Top Ten Comedians”, “Doomsday Plane” and “Whale fart” get me a lot of hits. Go figure.

Update: Instapundo delenda est!


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