The Ninth Curcuit

With news that it is up to the Controversial 9th Circuit to judge recall, my first reaction was, “well, if there is a way for them to sway it towards Bustamonte, they will.”

That is real discouraging for me, and not because of I am anti-Democrat. The discouragment comes from realising that I have no expectation of the application of law from the 9th circuit. None. The 9th is so activist, so interventionist, and so partisain that it is a mockery of what the Judicial branch is supposed to represent. They are supposed to be the brake on the engine of government. Instead, the 9th has ventured so far into judicial activism that they are not slowing the engine, but instead speeding it along.

If someone doesn’t clean out or clean up the Ninth Circuit pretty soon, we are going to have a real honest-to-goodness constitutional crisis out of that court.


  1. Susan says:

    Could you please direct me in finding some history on the 9th circuit? I am currently studying constitutional law…

  2. Phelps says:

    It is all really recent, and what I am familiar with isn’t legal research material. (I’m not a lawyer or a paralegal — I just work in a law office.) Wikipedia seems to have a good, unbiased start on things. As for anything more, that is between you and google (and google news, considering how recent a lot of it is.)