Why must it be offensive to be funny?

Yeah, it’s an offensive site. Blasphemous, too. Good thing G has a sense of humor. Allah made me laugh out loud with this one part:

So for the entire night shahids were forced into retarded conversations like, “We drink to those who rained fire and death upon the Great Satan!” “To Mossad!” “NO! To Osama! . . . who was, uh, framed by Mossad?” What was even more retarded was that Allah took the mike at one point and TOLD THEM to stop being so stupid, that of course it was the mujahedeen who had done it. And still they could not quite believe it! What can Allah say, infidels, except that you can’t teach old anti-Semites new tricks . Eventually a consensus was reached that Osama had somehow hypnotized Mossad into doing it and people seemed happy with that.

I guess I’ll have to start reading it.

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