Axes at the Henge

The BBC is reporting (they do that sometimes) about how archeologists are using Lasers to uncover Stonehenge secrets. Specifically:

The work at the ancient site in Wiltshire has already uncovered two carvings which are invisible to the naked eye.

The carvings of bronze axe heads are between four and six inches long.

All of the things that I have read have tried to connect these to some ritual use. My only comment is this: why are they so locked into the ritual mentality? My engineering mind brought this possibility to mind immediately: they aren’t carvings, they are molds.

Ancient people were just as clever as we are. It took a long time to quarry these rocks. They were on their sides for a while being shaped and transported. Why not use them to cast some axeheads at the same time?

They were obviously clever — they build Stonehenge. Why do people assume that they weren’t clever enough to get another use out of something as valuable as giant flat stone blocks?

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