Okay, I’ve got some people reading me now — maybe you people can make yourselves useful. I’ve been taking creatine for my workouts. Most of the stuff that I have seen has agreed on these points:

  • It is ok to take creatine with water or juice, but you are probably better off taking it with water, but you should never take it with citrus juice because the acid breaks it down.
  • There has been a study that says that you don’t get any effect from creatine if you take it with caffeine, but that was only one study and it hasn’t been duplicated, so don’t worry too much about it.
  • Heat doesn’t bother it until you get to about 300C, so there isn’t any worry about mixing it with hot water, and in fact you should do it that way to get it to dissolve well.

So here is my dilemma: am I ok taking my creatine with coffee? I know it isn’t going to hurt me, but I don’t want to waste it. I’m more likely to take it that way on a blah day. I normally take it in water — hot water from the coffee machine to dissolve it, and then fill the glass with cold water to make it drinkable. But am I wasting my time by putting it in coffee?

(I know that I am wasting my time by working out in the first place, so you can save those comments.)


  1. LabRat says:

    Ah, something I actually know something about!

    First, you are better off taking it with juice than water, because the sugars in it provoke your body to absorb it from your stomach faster. Any simple sugar will do, the juice is just convenient. I usually take it with water and a spoonful of brown sugar.

    I’m not positive, but I do think that taking it with coffee will probably either reduce the amount you absorb or render it altogether useless. Coffee is highly acidic, and it will quite probably break down the molecule the same way citrus juices will. Not only that, but taking it with a large dose of caffeine at the same time will interfere with your ability to assimilate it instead of just passing it through your digestive system.

    Also, if you didn’t already know, it will break down in solution after 15-20 minutes. Any liquid creatine formula you buy is therefore utterly useless, and you should always drink it immediately after you mix it.

    Working out is never a waste of time if you do it right, and you picked a good supplement- one of the few that actually works more or less as advertised.

  2. Chuck Pelto says:

    TO: Mr. Phelps
    RE: Creatine & Acid

    “…you should never take it [creatine] with citrus juice because the acid breaks it down.” — phelps

    This makes no sense to me. You’re supposed to swallow this stuff? Right?

    Where does it go after it passes your mouth? The stomach.

    What’s in the stomach? Gastric acid. Which is considerably more potent, i.e., has a lower pH value than does your average glass of OJ.

    Just a stray thought…..


    [Two things came out of Berkley, acid and Unix. I don’t think this is a coincidence.]

  3. LabRat says:

    Chuck: things are supposed to break down in your stomach. That’s what the acid is FOR. But you’re much more likely to absorb it and use it as it was meant to be used, instead of simply dumping it straight out the kidneys, if it starts breaking down in your stomach instead of in your glass. In truth citrus or coffee won’t completely kill it unless you let it sit for awhile, but why take a partially degraded supplement?

  4. Dave-26x says:

    Inject it like a real man!

  5. I just spoon it into my mouth and drink some apple juice -it’s tasteless anyway( the creatine, not the juice). I recommend you stack creatine with a moderately high dose of ribose and also take some supplemental magnesium daily.

    It depends how hard you train and how often but I’ve found creatine to be most beneficial during my heaviest phases of training – sets that are 92-95% of 1rm loads.