Earth Kills Hundreds of Thousands

Wired has a story claiming that Global Warming Deaths are on the Rise.

MOSCOW — About 160,000 people die every year from side effects of global warming ranging from malaria to malnutrition and the numbers could almost double by 2020, a group of scientists said Tuesday.

This is really all I needed to read.

First, let’s tackle Malaria. Yes, we have a Malaria problem in third world countries, and that problem is entirely man-made. The way that we ended up with Malaria epidemics is by allowing wackaloon green groups like Greenpeace and the Sierra Club to ban DDT. DDT kills mosquitoes, and mosquitoes spread malaria. In the places that DDT was used, Malaria tapered off. When DDT was banned, Malaria resurged. Bring back DDT, and leave the “global warming” drum alone.

Malnutrition. Why are people starving in third world countries? I see two main factors. Number one, protective tariffs. Protective tariffs drive the cost of food up, and driving the cost of food up makes it difficult for the poorest to afford to eat. That is the favorite of all sorts of politicos. The second is the knee-jerk reaction to Genetically Modified (GM) food. We’re talking about Greenpeace and Sierra Club again. Man has been eating GM food for years. A Macintosh apple is GM food — it was just done by splicing cuttings rather than genes. What fighting GM food does is deny the growth of hardier, more productive foodstuffs, which means that less food is produced. Less food means less supply, which means higher prices. Higher prices — we are back to the same point — make it harder for the poorest to be able to afford to eat.

There you have it. Politicians and Eco-nuts are killing third world people. (And I managed to get through it without ranting about the Global Warming myth, since Wired danced around it.)

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