Fair Day

I went to the Texas State Fair yesterday. I had a good time. There was a good crowd, but it wasn’t too crowded for my taste until after seven or so, when all the kids were out of school and at the fair. Of course, I did a lot of eatin’:

  • Four Shiner Bochs
  • One Fletcher’s Corn Dog (Every Year)
  • One Ice Cream Nutty Bar
  • One slice of Hamburger Pizza
  • One Alligator Kebob
  • One Bag Cotton Candy (to take home — every year)
  • Two boxes Salt Water Taffy (to take home)

I brought souveniers back from the eatin’. First, the corn dog:

I love Fletcher’s corn dogs. The frozen ones aren’t bad, but the fresh ones at the State Fair are the best. Corn dogs are always good, even if you always look like a dork or a pervert for eating one. I didn’t worry about it too much this year, because they were selling a lot of sausage on a stick, and you really look perverted eating one of those, so a corn dog isn’t too bad.

bluebell.jpgI had an Ice Cream Nut Bar too. I got it at the candy apple stand outside the auto expo. It was really good, and when I finished, I realized why. That’s the Blue Bell logo on the stick. I’ve already talked about Blue Bell here before, and I stand by it. Blue Bell is a Texas treasure.

I only played a few games out there. I played about $5 worth of Ski Ball and won a stuffed fish, and I shot at some stars. This is the first one I shot at, and I don’t think I did too bad. You have 100 BBs to shoot out every bit of the red star on the target.


This is my second one. It looks a little better than it really was, because there was a big chunk of red that was barely holding on that fell off while it was in my pocket. I don’t feel too bad about it not being on there since it damned near off to start with.


I saw some cars. I still think the new Cadillacs are ugly. I saw the new Goat. Didn’t see the GT. Saw the Aston Martins. (Every Secret Agent Man needs one.) I went to the Aquarium. I missed the feeding by about an hour. Went through the crafts building. Didn’t see anything I wanted to buy, even thought I wanted a new hat. Went to the livestock building and looked at the horses. The barn was empty. I went to the petting zoo because my mother and my brother’s girlfriend wanted to.

stub.jpgOne last thing. The stub says $12, but I didn’t pay that. Anyone who pays full price for the fair is a chump. I went on a Tuesday to get in on a Dr. Pepper promotion that got you in for $2 with an empty Dr. Pepper can. On other days, you can get in with a Dr. Pepper can after 5 for $5, and you can buy your tickets at Kroger for $10.50, if you can’t plan around the promotions. Joe Bob says check it out. (It ends this weekend.)

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  1. Mmmm…Shiner Bock. It’s not good with cookies, but it’s still good. (And it’s probably even good with bacon.)