Mikey Goes Egosurfing

Mikey Fumento responded to this post.

What do you think of a blogger (i.e., 99 percent of the time somebody who can’t find a publisher) who does nothing but pump out words and yet can make no better a critique of a writer (i.e., somebody who is published) than to address the writer in the diminutive, “Mikey” instead of “Michael” or “Mike” or more properly, “Fumento.” Rather infantile, huh?

You’re the authority on infantile — you tell me.

And the “Mikey” who is being passed over by time, who is on the verge of going the way of the dinosaur, he didn’t have a syndicated column last year; now he does. He had four published science/health books last year; now he has five. And all you have is a pitiful blog site that as more and more bloggers come on line, fewer and fewer people will go to.

My reader curve goes up, not down. Bloggers are read in no small part by other bloggers, so the more bloggers there are, the larger my target audience is. Blogging isn’t a zero sum game, in any event. The cost is virtually the same whether a person reads 1 blog or 50, unlike newspapers, so there is no reason for a person to make “limited resources” decisions on blogs.

I never said you “would go the way of the dinosaur.” I said that you will be marginalized.

I don’t think that the dick-measuring “look how many books and columns” I have matters in any event. By your reasoning, the psychic at the back of the Enquirer is a better writer than you, because she “sells more papers”, so to speak.

Just remember that each time a single newspaper such as the New York Post or Chicago Sun-Times publishes me, I get more “hits” in a day than you’ll get in a lifetime.

No. You don’t, because no one thinks, “I really want to read a health column — I’ll go buy a paper!” They read it because it happens to be there. You know how when you go to the deli, and you buy a sandwich, they give you a pickle? No one orders the pickle. A lot of people like them. Some people throw them away, but no one says, “I want a pickle — I think I’ll go buy a Ruben.” It just happens to come with it.

Your column is the pickle.

(The best part is that I’m not sure if he is really twisted, or if he is just a troll that has figured out that arguing with bloggers gets him free exposure. Either way, it entertains me.)

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