Ok, Moore is Still an Idiot, But

A Counterpunch idiotarian pundit (I apologize for the redundancy) rants about how Michael Moore Proclaims Mumia “Did It” and throws an absolute hissy fit.

Mumia did it. OJ did it. We all know that they both committed the crimes they were accused of. OJ was rich and famous enough to get out of his; Mumia wasn’t famous enough until after he was already convicted. I’m not going to get into whether or not they got fair trials. Mumia probably didn’t; OJ did. However, that doesn’t change the facts and conclusions.

Not getting a fair trial and being guilty are not mutually exclusive. They aren’t even related. When Michael Moore fucks up and tells the truth, he has idiotarians like this guy jumping on him. Just this once — just for a moment — I actually feel sorry for Michael Moore.

I’m sure that the next time I see his name, I’ll be pissed off again, but at least then it really will be his fault.

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