Printing Web Pages

I’ve been printing more and more web pages to read at lunch (since I don’t have a lot of free time lately) and I have found that Internet Explorer (It’s what I have at work) does a really crappy job of doing the one thing that I need it to do when I print a page — actually print all of the text.

I have found a way to handle it. Adobe Acrobat (the full version, not the Reader) has an option called “Open Web Page”. When you do that, and paste in the URL (I’m doing it for a USS Clueless story today) Acrobat accesses the page, parses it (don’t know how) and actually fits it all onto an 8.5×11 page. Then you just print the PDF.

The “Open Web Page” function is one that I use a lot in litigation, too, because you can specify for it to get an entire site, or a certain number of levels. It is good for me in litigation, because we want to preserve the website of the other side when we start a case. I have archiving tools that grab the raw files and fix the links for a local archive, but you can’t explain how to work that to an attorney. They do, on the other hand, know how to read PDFs. (And, when it comes time to disclose it, it retains the time/date and is easily printable, as above.)

I hope this doesn’t turn into a techy site. I just thought that this was really useful and might be informative.

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