Smokes and Gyrating Womens

Dallas Mayor Laura Miller does this thing on KLIF every Thursday morning at 8 am called “Miller Time.” (Thank Darrel Ankarlo for the stupid name.) I have to give Ankarlo some credit — he really does steer her into actual city issues rather then letting her make it a weekly stump speech. Of course, when politicos (and whatever Miller was before notwithstanding, she is certainly a politico now) start talking about the issues, they usually piss me off.

The first thing that pissed me off was when they started talking about the new smoking ban. The thing that caught my attention was her challenge to “give it a year and then see where we are at on April 1st.”

Well, first of all, I don’t think that “let’s take away your property rights for a year and then see if you think it was for the best” is a legitimate way to govern a free state. However, since that is the evil we are stuck with for the time being, I think we should take her up on it. Unfortunately, you aren’t going to get people like Sharon Boyd to take this one up. Boyd isn’t arguing about whether or not property rights should be protected; she just wants to argue about which ones we should do away with first.

This one is going to have to come from the business owners. When the numbers are in, and restaurants are moving across the highway into smoking zones, and Dallas is losing revenue, maybe then Miller will decide that the free market is smarter than she is.


There needs to be a protest on April 1st at City Hall. I just don’t know how you go about organizing one.

The second thing that pissed me off was our new “six foot rule.” Again, we are back to property rights. Who in the blue fuck is being hurt by lap dances? Where is the victim? The guy enjoys it. The girl isn’t being forced into it. Even after she takes the job, she still decides which dances she will give and which ones she won’t.

I really don’t know what this is for other than to try to run the businesses out of the city limits. Miller conceded on the radio that Tittie Bars far surpass any other type of business in Dallas for alcohol tax revenue. There aren’t any victims. It is a business transaction being conducted on private property. Put those vice officers back on the beat and let people do what people want to do.

I don’t need Laura Miller to decide who can sit in my lap.

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    Good Gravy

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