The Definition of a Right

Everyone’s favorite moonbat (well, of the moment) Dennis Kucinich rants about the evils of the free market.

With and estimated 50 million Americans and Canadians left without power and in some cases water, common sense requires us to reflect on the absurdity of deregulation of public utilities. In the first case, the right of utility franchise is vested in the people. We give utilities permission to operate, and enable them to set up a profit making business in exchange for the promise of affordable and reliable service.

No. First, there is no “right of utility franchise.” What we did was to use eminent domain to take property rights away (in the form of right of way) to create the utilities.

Don’t trust anyone who doesn’t know what a right is and isn’t. I’m done with this guy for today. I don’t give a shit about his other million paragraphs.

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