The Upset Hayseed

I just heard this exchange on the The Russ Martin Show when a Hayseed called in:

Russ: Hi, you’re on the air.

Hayseed: Hey — you tricked us yesterday.

Russ: How?

Hayseed: You were playing “Best Of” but you didn’t say it was “Best Of.”

Russ: So? When you see a repeat on TV, they don’t come on and say, “This is a repeat of Friends“. They just play it. If you haven’t seen it, it is new to you.

Hayseed: Yeah, but how am I supposed to know if you are really there today?


Russ: You’re right. There is no way to know.

To borrow a quote from General Turgidson, “And then he hung up.”


  1. The Bartender says:

    Russ is a jack-off idiot: he was talking to Hayseed and answering topical questions back and forth. Hayseed really made him look like what he was acting like! Go Hayseed!

    And then he hung up…

  2. You wisy you were as cool as Russ says:

    You “Hayseeds” deserve all the criticism cast your way. I don’ think it is the hay in your mouth that makes you all idiots, it is the head up your butt that does it. Get a life, and stop baggin on those that have a clue.