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French Attack on US

Let’s look at how a French magazine publishes photos of attack on DHL plane in Iraq.

French weekly magazine, Paris Match, is to publish exclusive pictures of what it says are Iraqi rebels launching a missile attack on a German DHL cargo plane over Baghdad that led to a shutdown of commercial air traffic to the Iraqi capital.

The images were taken by one of the magazine’s photographers, Jerome Sessini, who was with the attackers — described in the accompanying article as “Iraqi guerrillas” — at the time of Saturday’s missile strike, editor-in-chief Alain Genestar told AFP on Wednesday.

Let’s see… travelling with guerillas and videotaping attacks in order to spread media attention of these attacks: that is participation. Put these guys (the individuals) on the international terrorist list.

He said Sessini and a special correspondent sent to Iraq, Claudine Verniez-Palliez, had been with the group for several days beforehand and were unaware they were about to witness the attack.

So… you’ve turned the guys in since then, right? You haven’t? You know what that makes you? You are an accessory after the fact. You are harboring terrorists. Turn them in or share thier fate. The end.

Nuclear Deterrence

Steven Den Beste writes in Three conjectures:

If a group such as al Qaeda managed to get its hands on a single nuclear weapon and either used it against us or attempted to do so but was prevented by intelligence and interception, the US response would be quite extreme. Put starkly, “With us or with the terrorists” would no longer be political rhetoric; it would become American doctrine.

This is something that I have grokked for a long time, but I think that a lot of the “No Blood for Hitler” crowd doesn’t even begin to fathom this. America has been treating the Arab world with kid gloves in this war, and I think that more people need to realize this reality. You don’t have to like it, but you absolutely need to plug it into your mental equations.

Would we actually obliterate the first nation which didn’t fully cooperate? I don’t think so; I think that we’d fire one warning shot, by setting off a nuke in their territory, close enough to a major city so it could be seen and felt and heard but far enough away to not destroy it. That might require one or more small towns to be destroyed, but we wouldn’t target a major city or metropolitan area the first time.

This is something that I see as inevitable. For years, MAD protected the American mainland. 9/11/01 invalidated that doctrine. The fact that Afghanistan didn’t become the Land of Glass Parking Lots put the American doctrine of nuclear deterrence into real question. I think that it is going to take the use of a nuclear weapon in anger to restore that doctrine — because it was Hiroshima and Nagasaki that established that doctrine to begin with. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately), that will only happen after a few hundred thousand American casualties.


I had a hankering to do some googling and found this post about The Trickster.

For what its worth.

The Meatrix

This MEATRIX animation made me hungry, and I just had a big enchilada lunch. I’m more convinced than ever that cows are evil and deserve to be eaten.

I love that feeling that comes over when I’m hearing some kind of pitch against the Man and realize that I am the Man.

Boortz Plays Pop Psychologist

In the Nealz Nuze (the link may be hosed) Neal plays psychologist: (reproduced here)

President Bush will be facing demonstrators in England today. No big news. American presidents face demonstrations everywhere they go .. .even in this country.

I think, though, I have a bit of a handle on why so many Europeans literally hate George Bush. I can explain it with this scenario:

You’re waking down the street when you notice a house on fire. The flames are just beginning to lick at some windows. From inside that house you hear screams. A mother is pleading for someone to come help her look for her babies.

You’re frozen with fear out there on that sidewalk. You know there are children in that house, and you know the mother is in there trying to save them. You know they may all die, but you can’t move out of your tracks on that sidewalk. You’re afraid. After all, what if you get burned trying to save those people? What if you die? Maybe the flames will die out on their own? You’re perfectly willing to stand in the yard with a garden hose trying to contain the flames .. but actually going in there? No way!

While you’re standing there doing nothing, here comes this swaggering American in a cowboy hat. A damned Texan. The Texan sees the fire, hears the screams for help, throws down his hat and runs into the house. Minutes later he emerges with the woman and her children. They’re safe.

What about you? You feel like a coward. That Texan has made you feel small .. he took your manhood. He showed you for the coward that you are in front of all of those people who were watching the spectacle. Those people know that they were more like you than like the Texan; after all, they stood by you in doing nothing. God, you hate him so. You hate him because he displayed the courage you only wish you had. Oh, you’re glad he rescued that woman and her children; but why couldn’t it have been you?

Suck it up, Europe. It’s not like this is the first time Americans have had to do the job you should have done in the first place, and it probably won’t be the last.

One Step Closer

In Time’s “Coolest Inventions of the Year” section, they have a bit on this Power Suit.

Just damn.

Between the improvements in sensors, spread-spectrum low power communications, lightweight computing, and all sorts of other military advances, this may well be the last step in making power armor real.

Just damn. If the US gets this first, we’ll be another generation ahead of any other military in the world. We are two generations ahead in the air, 1 generation ahead with armor (the M1A1) and this would be the biggest step up for infantry since the Nazis invented the Assault Rifle.

ABSOLUTELY no surprise

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