French Attack on US

Let’s look at how a French magazine publishes photos of attack on DHL plane in Iraq.

French weekly magazine, Paris Match, is to publish exclusive pictures of what it says are Iraqi rebels launching a missile attack on a German DHL cargo plane over Baghdad that led to a shutdown of commercial air traffic to the Iraqi capital.

The images were taken by one of the magazine’s photographers, Jerome Sessini, who was with the attackers — described in the accompanying article as “Iraqi guerrillas” — at the time of Saturday’s missile strike, editor-in-chief Alain Genestar told AFP on Wednesday.

Let’s see… travelling with guerillas and videotaping attacks in order to spread media attention of these attacks: that is participation. Put these guys (the individuals) on the international terrorist list.

He said Sessini and a special correspondent sent to Iraq, Claudine Verniez-Palliez, had been with the group for several days beforehand and were unaware they were about to witness the attack.

So… you’ve turned the guys in since then, right? You haven’t? You know what that makes you? You are an accessory after the fact. You are harboring terrorists. Turn them in or share thier fate. The end.

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