I coulda been a Federalist

(Via The Mulatto Advocate)


  1. A David Million says:

    You are right more often than not, but can be irritating enough about it that people will tune you out even when they shoudn’t. You enter a room more concerned that everyone acknowledge you’re right than that everyone like you. You tend to make few friends, but those you do make are closer than family.

    John Adams via http://www.io.com/~janis/quiz/quiz.cgi

    I guess the key word in the second sentence is “more”. I’m also ‘more’ concerned that I don’t have a bad hairday than if people like me, and I spend a whooping 30 secs a day on that one.


    “Fuck you, asshole. I give myself two warnings.” — JoAnne

  2. Dave-26x says:

    I got the same as you phelpsie, oh my godzor I called you phelpsie!

  3. Phelpsie says:

    You aren’t the first one. You might be the first man, though. If you are a man.