800 lbs Gorilla

Jeff Jarvis writes about the push in the UN to take over the internet:

: Instead of worrying about America and the Internet — since we made it happen, after all — maybe the U.N. should worry instead about Iran censoring the Internet. No, instead, while they were ejecting a representative of an American company, the U.N. invited in a huge delegation of officials from Iran — the same officials who are censoring the Internet.

Yes, the U.N. would be a fine organization to run the technology future of the world.
No f’ing way! They should pry the Internet out of our dead American hands.

That’s pretty much the only way it could happen. The best they could do is to seal us off from Europe. The only negative effect I can think of is that you couldn’t trick anyone with goatse.cx links. Sure, it would be inconvenient, but it wouldn’t be the end of the world. If you want a metric (heh, how about the Metric system?), my webalyzer stats tell me that 70-90% of my hits are from Americans. I would miss my overseas readers, but it wouldn’t be the end of the world.

So sealing us off won’t work. I’m betting that it isn’t even feasible, because the gurus here would be able to punch through anything if there were motivated people on the other side to help, and with 90% of the internet gone and no link to American pop culture, you can bet that there would be lots of people on the other side digging too.

So what is left? It becomes a military issue, because negotiation is at a standstill. If they decided to press it, they are down to a cyber attack. On that one, all I have to say is bring it on. This could be the one thing that brings the militia attitude back to America. The IW squads would be making the surgical strikes, but the rest of the world would be under constant cyber bombardment from every cracker in America, white hat and black, script kiddie and slicer. It might be a long battle, but it would be by no means one that is ever in question.

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