Hillary’s Quagmire

This one by Dick Morris got me to thinking: could Hillary and her ilk be creating the very Viet Nam Quagmire they profess to fear so much?

The senator told the troops that while “Americans are proud” of them, “many question the administration’s policies.” Being told that you might die in a war that is under attack by people back home must be a great stimulant to combat morale. How sensitive of her to have shared that particular message with men and women who must face death to execute these policies.

There is no doubt that this sort of question is what caused a great many of the morale problems in Viet Nam, on top of the usual problems of any combat deployment. Add traitors like Hanoi Jane, and the situation is complete — and it is an American problem, created by Americans.

She also made sure to plant doubts among the troops about the ability of their commanders, saying that “the obstacles and problems are much greater than the administration usually admits to.”

You know what, Hillary? It becomes a quagmire when the troops believe it is a quagmire. Don’t push it along.

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