Seven Questions

Tacitus asks, Okay, assorted know-it-alls of the internet….

1) What is your primary value with regard to Iraq? Secondary?

My primary value is establishing freedom for the Iraqi people. My secondary value is a desire to see freedom spread from Iraq to the rest of the middle east.

2) What sort of state and society do you prefer in Iraq if you leave?

I’m not going to presume to know what will work, but my preference is a constitutional federal republic based on sovereign states formed along the ethnic lines in Iraq, with strong guarantees of freedom in the constitution.

3) What are you unwilling to do to achieve goals 1 and 2?

Anything that harms the goal of establishing freedom. There is nothing that is effective that I wouldn’t do.

4) What immediate action would you take upon assumption of command?

Al Jazeera and Al Arabia are out. CNN follows them if they don’t follow the game plan. They are free to report anything they want; they aren’t free to go where ever they want. This is an ideological war — freedom is an intangible. Al Jazeera and CNN are the enemy.

Criminal courts run by sympathetic Iraqis are next. We’ll select the judiciary, but after that, hands off. The Iraqis will do a much better job of dispensing justice for the crimes of the last 30 years than we would. The viscous are not the ones I would put on the judiciary, but I would make sure that they are impassioned. They must also realize that the goal is to establish freedom and rule of law, not revenge. My hope is that the majority of the people tried get light or no sentences, but the people who have truly wronged the Iraqi people must be held accountable by Iraqis.

Saddam would be indicted immediately, and we would fully cooperate with any methods the Iraqis chose to search for him — but it must be made plain that it is the Iraqis doing the searching. Iraqis conducting the interviews, and Iraqis on the tip of the spear. Delta stays home, but they get our air and armor covering them.

5) What long-term action would you take?

The New Marshall Plan. We end the “occupation” as soon as possible, but plan to keep forward basing there for a century. Iraq is a strategic point of the world. The Iraqis get their country back, and this is our payment: a little bit of land in the middle of no where for our planes and armor and antennas. We build their infrastructure at the same time we build our military infrastructure, the same as Japan and Germany.

6) At what point would you declare your plan a failure?

When it cannot be funded. Or the same point that I am willing to take up arms here. (At that point, charity begins at home.)

7) How much time are you willing to allot to your occupation?

The occupation? A decade. The forward basing? A century, maybe more.

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