The Most Disgusting Things You Will See Today

… is this. Dennis Kunich is a disgusting, despicable piece of scum.

This man is doing the very thing that every president since WW2 has tried to prevent — every president, Bush and Clinton, Reagan and Carter. He is using the images of corpses of dead American soldiers in an attempt at political gain. This is inexcusable.

When I watched this, the bile rose in my throat, and not for Bush. How dare he — how dare he desecrate the images of our fallen soldiers for his own benefit?

He points out how many have died. How many do you want to die? How many have to die for you to get the office that you crave on this campaign? How many flag-drapped coffins do you need to win the election? How in the fuck did you come to the conclusion that this was the way to sway the swing voters? If this is what you think makes Americans tick, Comrade Kunich, then God help this country if you ever gain another elected office.

(Via Nealz Nuze)

Update 1/4/04: Having clicked through, the gutless bastard has pulled the ad and linked to his new “kinder, gentler” ad campaign. If I find someone that has archived the original, I’ll change the link to that.

Update 3/5/04: Found a copy Here.


  1. Awesome…I’m butting out of the poli-sci game after reading that.

  2. The Fat Guy says:

    About 6 inches deeper, boys…

    Your Democrats in action, Lefties, this time that Crazy Ohio Bastard who’s practically a Commie. Body counts galore, with some…

  3. KENNY says:


  4. lindsay says:

    you are so stupid. obviously you don’t understand the point of the images. it is meant to move people to understand the pointlessness of the war and the horrible consequences that result from it. get educated, moron!

  5. Phelps says:

    I fully understand what the images are intended to do. Persuasion is my profession. That is exactly what makes it so infuriating.

    War is pointless? Tell that to the millions of Iraqis who won’t end up in mass graves now. Horrible consequences? Tell that to the people who won’t be raped and them murdered by Uday Hussain. “get [sic] educated?” Get a shift key.