A Random Lie

So what does White Glenn have on the head of his bed? These are the sorts of questions that kept me out of the good schools. Since I am Alliance Secret Agent Man, I decided to call in a favor with a script kiddie cousin of mine, and I had one of White Glenn’s Robo-maids hacked to return video. Here is what I saw:

  • A dogeared copy of “Are You There, Allah? It’s Me, Osama”
  • A Ronco Inside the Skin Puppy Scrambler
  • A wallet that says “Bad Mother Hobo Killa”
  • A manuscript titled, “How to Take Over The World With a Website by Glenn Reynolds, Lawyer” (heavily edited in puce crayon)
  • Three monkey toes
  • A Pirate Map with a big X labeled “Saddam’s WMD”
  • Garlic Repellent
  • Tinfoil Fedora
  • Five years of toenail clippings
  • One unused prophylactic. One soiled
  • A highlighted copy of “The Anarchist Hobo Cookbook”
  • An autographed photo of Fidel Castro. Nude.
  • One pissed off monkey with a limp
  • A detailed dossier entitled “The Everlasting Phelps” with “DIE DIE DIE” scribbled on it in puce crayon

Crap. I gotta go.


  1. Boots and Sabers says:

    Bonfire Of The Vanities – Week 27

    Welcome to the Bonfire of the Vanities. Thanks to Kevin at Wizbang for sending his genius idea on the road. Never before have I witnessed so many bloggers post such a wide array of drivel and nonsense. Now sit back…

  2. The Alliance says:

    Filthy Lie Hat Trick

    Not one, not two, but THREE non-assignment-related filthy lies about the despicable Glenn Reynolds: Cannon of Cannon’s Canon has the low-down on Evil Glenn’s marital status. Fearless Leader Frank J. has the official report from Fox News on Evil Glenn’s

  3. Harvey says:


    Freakin’ brilliant!

    I’m going to base the next filthy lie assignment off this.

  4. Dave-26x says:

    Ah the blues brothers.