I follow ancient arcane knowledge and its application to modern day. Some people call this prophecy. I’m 50-50 split on how much of it is just our ingenuity in applying things. I think there is a good chance that is the case here.

Quality Content claims to have knowledge of the Bush Space plan:

Along with retiring the shuttle fleet, the new plan calls for NASA to convert a planned follow-on spacecraft — called the orbital space plane — into versions of a new spaceship called the crew exploration vehicle. NASA would end substantial involvement in the space station project about the same time the moon landings would begin — beginning in 2013, according to an administration timetable shown to UPI.

Many of the most prominent near-future prophecies involve the end of this era (long-count) in the Mayan calendar on December 21, 2012. According to Mayan mythology, this era began with the destruction of the fourth era in water in 3114BC (which brings to mind the Noahic flood myths.) This era — the Fifth World — is believed to end in fire.

So what the hell do these things have to do with each other? Most people interested in this sort of thing think the end of Mayan eras indicate apocalyptic end of the world scenarios, but for the Mayans, it was also a sort of Pheonix event. One era ended and was destroyed, but another era began.

When man leaves Earth and goes to the heavens (or returns, depending on who you talk to) to live — not to visit, but a sustained colony — that is, by anyone’s account, a new era in human history. If we do so in 2013, we will do so on a column of fire, riding a rocket — the Mayan Tree of Life?

It is a hell of a coincidence.

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