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Ravenwood’s Universe | Naming Names:

“It is this newspaper’s intention to obtain this information and publish it. Our readers deserve to know the identities of those who obtain permits to carry their guns in public. We hope other news organizations will do the same in their communities.” — Reaction of the Cleveland Plain Dealer editorial staff, to Ohio’s passage of legislation permitting the concealed carry of firearms.

“The editors of this newspaper can expect a taste of their own medicine. As soon as they publish permit holders’ names, we’ll publish the names, phone numbers and home addresses of every single person on staff at the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Same goes for any other newspaper that singles out gun owners in this way.” — Reaction from the staff of Keep and Bear Arms to the Cleveland Plain Dealer’s policy on naming names.

I say, why wait. Lets start at the top. The Editor of the Cleveland Plain Dealer is Douglas Clifton. Here is his address and telephone number:

Douglas Clifton
19 Shoreby Dr
Cleveland, OH 44108-1161
Tel.: (216) 761-6577

Here is his bio. For a map to his home, click here.

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  1. What I want to know is – how did the Plain Dealer react to the reaction of the KABA folks?

  2. Same here. Enquiring minds . . .