White Glenn’s First Job

The Alliance has asked for pictures of Glenn as a child. I don’t have that, but I have found one of White Glenn’s first summer job as a teen. White Glenn was the world famous pro-wrestler “Big Chief Puppy Whompa.”

I remember watching Chief Whompa every week on an old black and white TV. Those riveting interviews still stand out in my mind, with his rousing challenge, “I’m gonna see you in the squared circle this Sunday, and if you chicken out, I’ll club this puppy and drink him! And you know I’ll do it, too!” And then he would yell out his Indian war cry: “Aaaaiiiiinddeeeeeeeeddaaa!”

Every week, he would rob the other guy of a win. He never pinned the other guy, one-two-three in the middle of the ring. No. He would have to club them over the head with his puppy, or stand on a steel chair and teach them law, or hide behind a hobo to keep the other guy from hitting him. I don’t think he ever won a match fair and square.

He sure was a good heel.

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  1. toddk says:

    Benoit would kick his ass!