XM Radio and Russ


If Stern moves from broadcast to satellite radio, that is when satellite will see an enormous jump in subscribers and broadcast will begin to feel serious competition from and financial loss to satellite radio.

He’s right, and Russ Martin proves it. Every time Russ makes a joke about moving to XM Radio, the guys at the car stereo shops show a jump in sales. So Russ doesn’t want syndication because he doesn’t want to have to deal with scheduled breaks and other stations.

XM would give the same wide coverage, with more freedom. The funny thing is that I don’t think the show would get much “dirtier”, because that is part of the appeal. Buddies say “crank” instead of “dick” because you can’t say “dick” on the radio, but I’ve started saying “crank” in everyday life. The slang of the show, the Russ Cant is part of the appeal. I would vote to keep the bleeps and the delay and the cant, because that is part of what makes the show great. We really do enjoy when Russ puts the transmitter on hold so he can talk to JD or a caller.

If Russ went to XM, he would probably keep close to a quarter of his Dallas listeners and XM would take off in Dallas. (I don’t have any numbers to back that up — it is straight out of my ass.) That would certainly cause me to move to XM.

(Via Jeff Jarvis)

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