Army Tomfoolery

Straight White Guy: Deployment Boredom…:

I was at a UXO site, where an unexploded bomblet of one kind or another was awaiting demolition. I was pulling local security at the gun truck, when I noticed an unusually high number of donkey-cart teams milling around in the road. An idea struck me. I attracted the attention of a child riding a donkey-cart, and motioned to him with crude hand-gestures that he should beat the animal. The child, eager to please, proceeded to wail the living fuck out of the donkey with a short rubber hose. The donkey made a loud donkey-noise and I laughed, for it was tremendously funny.

I don’t know why, but I laughed and laughed at that. Actually, I do know why, according to George Carlin. “I know why — because I’m a sick evil fuck, that’s why!”

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