If I Build It…

Ultimate Secure Home — this is so close to the plan that I have been building for years that it is scary. Of course, now that it is for sale on the internet, one of the primary security features — few people knowing it exists — has been breeched. I wouldn’t like that photos are out on the internet either. But it is very, very close.

After spending 2 ½ years studying every kind of alternative home construction, everything from earthships made out of spare tires, to rammed-earth construction, to monolithic domes, they ultimately realized there was only one kind of construction that would afford them the kind of security they wanted: an earth home (made with Formwork’s patented thin-shell concrete construction technique). The house they finally built is not just any earth home. It is what has come to be known in the industry as a “secure home.” It is an unparalleled model of the ultimate secure home. Its many features will amaze you.

Oh yeah. Daddy like.

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