My Life is Complicated

After checking out The Geek Hierarchy, I feel kinda bad. I’m not sure where I am becuase I fall so many places on the chart, and so do the people that I socialize with. I qualify for:

  • Comic Book Fans who read Superhero comics (does Deadpool count as a Superhero?)
  • Anime fans who insist on subtitles
  • Roleplaying Gamers
  • Piers Anthony Fans (although I haven’t liked anything he has written in the last 10 years.)
  • Science Fiction Television Fans

The good news is that I don’t even rate on the Sci-fi writer and artist and Ren Fair branches. And I have never, ever, ever ever ever even considered being a furry.

I don’t need to. I am already a very hairy man. (Think Pierce Brosnan in the hotel lobby in You Only Die Twice or whatever that one was called.) At least I’m not at the bottom of any of the branches.

(Via Wil Wheaton)


  1. hln says:



    In my household, Kirk is a verb. Probably doesn’t take too much imagination to figure out what it means.

    e.g. “Is he going to Kirk her?”


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