A Meme That Deserves to Make the Rounds


  1. Mexigogue says:

    In other news, a recent gallup poll has indicated that 9% of voters who favor John Kerry are definitely going to vote this fall. 5% stated they definitely will not be voting, and 86% of John Kerry voters say they not explicitly opposed staying home from the polls although they reject it in their heart of hearts (maybe).

  2. smijer says:

    Oh yeah? Well you’re a field perturbation!

    Phelps has found an entertaining game: what principle of physics is your presidential candidate? He quotes Joe Bob thusly, regarding John Kerry: His positions seem more like probabilistic clouds, ruled by the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle – you can’…

  3. Banned For Life says:

    I checked a recent liberal poll on smijer.com which said that 47 percent of all Kerry supporters are unsure if they support his positions and the other 53 percent are unsure if his positions have any support. Although most feel that John Kerry does in fact have positions they are unsure what those positions are. Kerry, when asked what his positions were, said “Yes, I favor that particular postion however I oppose it at this time.” His colleagues concur.