Another Evil Glenn PlotTM

With this, we are closer to the reality of a Commie Cyborg than we ever thought. And there is one person who is best suited to bring this horror to reality than any other person: Evil Glenn.

Between his BlogAds, his Penguin-Pr0n business, and his RonCo stock (options he gained for inventing the Inside the Skin Puppy Blender), he is flush with funds, and we all know that any spending money he get is spent on evil. The pieces are coming together.

We don’t know what Evil Glenn’s final Commie Cyborg will look like, but we do have the following artist’s renditions on what the final result could very well look like.

Glennborg.jpgThese renderings are of course based on wild conjecture and nearly baseless assumptions, but when you are dealing with Evil Glenn, nothing is too farfetched.


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