Fritz is Off His Rocker

Discovery Channel Lawyers Bully On the Fritz? Well, not exactly.

Fritz has it in his mind that the Nazis invented the Celtic or Templar cross. Never mind that, like the Swastika, the Nazis appropriated it from European historical symbology. That’s the ‘off his rocker’ part.

The bullying part is where the tables were turned. Fritz decided that the best way to work out his delusions of seeing Nazis around every corner (kinda funny that I’m saying this as I just wrote an article that says that the Nazis are still around) is to start bullying the Discovery Channel by Nazi-fying all their trademarks. TDC decides to exercise thier legal rights and demand that he stop. Now he’s being censored! Golly Gosh! Those damned Hun Lovers!

Get a grip, Fritz. The Celtic cross is not a Nazi symbol unless it is hanging on a Nazi.


  1. Fritz says:

    I’m tired of trying to make this point. So, this is the last time.

    The West Coast Choppers logo is more than just a “celtic” cross. It is accompanied by Old English gothic script that is used pretty much exclusively by criminal gangs to indicate their territorial affiliation. In this context it IS a neo-Nazi hate symbol.

    I’m not some crack pot. My brother and I have real knowledge of these gangs and the symbols that they use. We grew up around this stuff.

    The West Coast Choppers logo is a commercialized version of a gang emblem. The only groups who use that particular symbol are white supremacist gang members and bikers with neo-Nazi ties. They have invented this symbol because it is easily sold to kids as something that makes them look “badass” and gives them some false street credibility.

    You may live in a world were neo-Nazis are imagined by those with delusions. But, I can assure you from my experience that the Aryan Brotherhood and the Nazi Low Riders are very real.

    If you’ve ever had a close family member serve time in prison, you know about these gangs first hand. They are generational. The sons and daughters of those who began these gangs in the 1960s are now adults. Some of them are our neighbors. They operate businesses. Some of them are still involved in violent criminal activity.

    The worst part about this West Coast Choppers logo is that it is also being worn by real gang members. Allowing your child to walk around in the wrong neighborhood while wearing it could result in deadly violence.

    Before you pass judgement on me, please educate yourself on these issues. There are online resources available at

  2. Paddywhack says:

    The celtic cross is not necessarily a symbol of race hate, but I agree with Fritz that it has been adopted by neo-nazi groups. The reason they use this symbol is because they believe that the Celts were pure aryans.

  3. Padraig says:

    The symbol for West Coast Choppers and many White gangs is not called the celtic cross, but the iron cross. It was worn by almost every Nazi under Hitler’s regime. With a little swatika in the middle, it was Hitler’s favorite symbol. I didn’t grow up in the Southwest, so I don’t know a great deal abouth the Aryan Brotherhood and Nazi Low Riders. I do know that just because they are White, people don’t think of them as a real gang. But that is untrue. NLR and AB members account for over 80% of prison violence in California and is the fastest spreadng White gang in the country. Initiation into one of these gangs: murder. The AB and NLR are just as violent, if not more, than Crips, Bloods, or Latin Kings.