The Useful Spammer

Wow. Every so often, a spammer proves to be useful. I got a little nugget of spam today that was something so obviously spam that it helped me. I contained 26 new addresses to add to my MT-Blacklist. If you don’t have MT-Blacklist already, you really should get it. I think that is the most unique domain names I have ever seen in one spam.

For Google’s sake, I will replace to Top-Level-Domain of “.de” in all of these with the more descriptive “sucks”:

babymarktplatz-aktiv sucks
deutschlandweite-immobilienangebote sucks
event-kalendarium sucks
finanzen-marktplatz sucks
gamefinder sucks
games-advanced sucks
handwerksartikel-xxl sucks
horoskop-auswertung sucks
immobilien-auswaehlen sucks
immobilienmakler-angebote sucks
linkliste-geschenke sucks
mietangebote-domain sucks
piercing-auswaehlen sucks
shopping-liste sucks
shoppingideen-xxl sucks
software-linkliste sucks
spannende-spiele sucks
sportartikel-auswahl sucks
stellenangebote-checken sucks
sumaeintrag-xxl sucks
ticket-marktplatz sucks
tickets4events sucks
topaktuelle-tattos sucks
witz-net sucks
www-webspace sucks
your-tattoo sucks

Die, you filthy rotten bastards, die.

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