Happy Coffee Days

Yea, it hath been a happy two days. On yesterday, I did indeed pour a cup of the Holy Coffee for mine self, and did indeed receive the sacred elixir. Alas, in doing so, I killed the Joe — but I made mo. So sayeth the creed.

Today, twice I did go to receive my libations, and twice did I pour the bean juice, and twice did I receive said juice, and at no time did I kill the Joe.

In two days, I did not find the pot empty. Our Super Hyper Holy Crusading Jihadi Vengeance Coffee War is being won. These are happy days.

One Comment

  1. Mexigogue says:

    Beware. I fear we are being softened up for the kill. Our coffee culprite apologized and was actually fighting for the chance to make coffee the other morning. I insisted on making it myself (as I have a fear of arsenic). Things are going well. . . . . too well in fact. To be continued. . .