Kerry Promises to Slow Job Creation

The WSJ’s Best of the Web Today pointed me to this story: Kerry Statement on Job Numbers Released Today

That’s why I’ve proposed a strategy that that revitalizes our manufacturing sector and puts us on track to create 10 million new jobs in the next four years.

That’s Kerry. He’s pissing and moaning (I’ve been told that is a Navy expression, so Kerry should understand it) about how we only got 308,000 new jobs in March. He wants us to make 10,000,000 over four years.

Uhhh… I did the math. 10MM over four years is only a little over 208,000 a month. Almost 100,000 less than we did in March.

You read it here first. (Hopefully.) John Kerry promises to slash job creation by 100,000 jobs a month. Thank God we finally have an honest politician.

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