Monday Morning Web Designing

So the Alliance has a New Assignment:

What are some changes or improvements you’d like to see on John Kerry’s web site?


  • 10. A “Position of the Day” emailing to let everyone know what Kerry stands for today.
  • 9. Changing the links to Kerry’s Military Records to Bush’s Records.
  • 8. Changing those links to just go to Motown Records.
  • 7. Publishing Kerry’s Hip-hop iPod playlists
  • 6. A blog with one of those “my current mood” thingies for Theresa.
  • 5. “The Adventures of G.I. Kerry” webcartoon
  • 4. A virtual Theresa-gatchi that you can feed with propoganda and raise to be your own America hater.
  • 3. A link to the Alliance
  • 2. A “Dress your own Kerry Doll” flash
  • 1. Changing all the instances of “Fucking” on the website to “Cotton-picking Dagnabbing”

One Comment

  1. The Alliance says:

    Precision Guided Humor Round-up: Improving Kerry’s Website

    Silly Kerry. I hope he didn’t pay his web [*waffles*] site designer very much, because his site needs an extreme makeover. Fortunately, the following Alliance members are offering their advice for changes and/or improvements: Phelps of The Everlasting …