This Alliance is pretty pushy for a group that isn’t really led by its Not-As-Funny-As-Me leader. Now they want to know What further scandals will examination of Iraqi documents reveal? Pshaw. Pshaw, I say! This one is easy.

  • 10. Iraqi documents reveal that Germany was once run by Nazis.
  • 9. Chirac sends an annual preemptive surrender to Iraq.
  • 8. Most of Iraq’s AK-47s, T-72s and MIG fighter jets came from Russia, not the USA.
  • 7. Osama is hiding in the love nest he used to share with Saddam.
  • 6. There is a scathing review of “Bowling for Columbine” in the Comical Ali’s files: “How does this guy think anyone is going to believe this shit?
  • 5. Dan Rather just luvs Saddam’s fig casserole.
  • 4. Uday and Qusay were really just Branch Davidians, not Saddam’s sons.
  • 3. France hired an Iraqi assassin to shoot John Kennedy.
  • 2. Heinz Ketchup is a vital component of Saddam’s poison gas weapons.
  • 1. Saddam Hussain is Glenn Reynolds in disguise!


  1. nick paul says:


    i wandered over here (from smash – “you rang?”) for a bit of a troll-rant, but found myself laughing along.

    no fair!

  2. The Alliance says:

    Precision Guided Humor Round-up: SCANDAL!

    If the reports from the following Alliance members are any indication, the UN Oil For Dictators program was just the tip of the iceberg, and you’ll soon have more scandal than you can shake an investigative reporter’s microphone at: Phelps