The New Me

I was wrong.

I know I don’t say that much, but I’ve been listening to Air America Radio since I posted about it yesterday, and I’ve had a knot in the pit of my stomach. How could I have been misled like this for so long? I had always known on a sort of intellectual level that the media was all part of the right-wing military-industrial complex, but I never really felt it in my heart. Since I’ve been exposed to the truth, the whole world has been changing to me, because I see it through new eyes.

The saddest thing to me is that I’ve betrayed my party, and been complicit in murder. The Libertarian Party has been trying to show me the way — to take our troops out of the face of the world, to stop provoking them by standing around being all American — that will get us out of this terror mess. This really is a law enforcement issue, and the first person they need to arrest is Bush.

And I’ve been selfish. All this time I’ve been complaining about having to pay a little bit of taxes just because some of that money is going to help people that aren’t as lucky as me. It isn’t their fault that they aren’t as smart as me. It isn’t their fault that they couldn’t decide not to take drugs. It isn’t their fault that they started boning people they wouldn’t be staying with — that is natural. I’ve been trying to stop nature. Why? So I could buy some expensive wine, so I could have a faster computer, or have other people do my chores for me.

But I’m getting of the topic. The topic is Bush. Bush is going to always be the topic until he goes down in November. That son of a chimp really did steal the election in Florida. I’ve finally gotten to the truth about the election. Gore was denied the felon vote, the idiot vote, and the right to decide which ballots he wanted recounted, and that is simply Unamerican. He stole the election, had Wellstone murdered and his plane shut down, hired Mossad to knock down the World Trade Centers, overthrew the democratically elected Taliban to run his pipeline though Afghanistan, and now look. He’s overthrown a president who really did win his election — he got 99% of the vote with a huge turnout, compared to “I can’t even get a majority” Shrub — and stole his oil. I’m glad they killed those warmongering mercenaries in Fallujah. Maybe when they kill a hundred thousand more, we can get Bush out of office, and stop having him drive up the deficit and gas prices.

Air America changed my life.


  1. Banned For Life says:

    Hannity had me going a bit too yesterday, lol.

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