This Week in Photos 2

02-001.jpg I’m going to Iraq, hos! A whole country of new bitches to slap! I’m gonna get some good ones in, too, that make that sound, Pi-YAH!

02-002.jpg Next slide… Richard Clarke — he’s getting slapped. Next slide… Scott Ritter — he’s getting slapped. Next slide… Quadaffi. He’s cool. Next slide… Arafat. So getting slapped.
02-003.jpg Look at these hands — I’ll be slapping bitches until these hands fall off.
02-004.jpg You just couldn’t leave well enough alone, could yo? I slapped my hands to the bone, and now look at them. I can’t slap any more, and now you get Negroponte. You asked for it, bitches.
02-005.jpg I used to slap bitches.

Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

02-006.jpg While I agree with the president’s policy of pre-emptive slapping, I think that we need to explore all of our diplomatic options first. Choking a bitch, for example, can be very effective.
02-007.jpg Is John Negroponte gonna have to choke a bitch?
02-008.jpg Our options aren’t limited to slapping and choking. Our diplomatic corps is well versed in shaking the shit out of bitches too.
02-009.jpg C’mon, who wants one last pop? I got a whole bucket of slap waiting for you UN bitches. No one? Then I’m outtie!


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    This Week in Photos was damn funny….