Boss Coffee

The coffee situation has been bad lately. I have been getting demoralized. I have begun to simply accept that when I go in the breakroom, if I had not made coffee in the last 15 minutes there wouldn’t be any. Today is different.

For the second time, I have gone into the breakroom and walked up on the Big Guy for our floor making coffee. Number 2 guy in a law firm that spans nine offices. I am shocked at how inspirational and motivating that one act is, and I’m not trying to be cute or funny. If there is anyone in the firm who has the stroke to say, “I shouldn’t waste my time making coffee” he is the one — and he doesn’t. When he empties the pot, he makes more coffee.

Why is it that these self important low-life assholes can’t do that? I think that is what makes this firm great. The top guys, the ones that have been here 30 years like him, make and pour thier own coffee. They get thier own dry cleaning. They treat every employee, from the mailroom up, like a professional. If they see a young attorney walking away from an empty pot, they call them on it and tell them that the staff is here to practice law, not make thier coffee. They bring them up right. (And they don’t do it in front of the staff. I get all that second hand.)

If you are a boss, make your own coffee. It has more of an effect on morale than you might think.


  1. The Sicilian says:

    When a leader has the ability to show competence then he’ll have no problem getting employees to respect and listen to him.

    Man I need some coffee.

  2. Mexigogue says:

    Lead by example. There is no substitute for that. It’s like in boot camp. . . we might have hated the drill instructors, but they had our utmost respect. They weren’t making us do stuff they couldn’t do themselves. The littlest, skinniest DI we had jumped up on the chin-up bar and banged out 30 pull ups. He didn’t even strain on the last ones. Now there’s a man who makes his own coffee and picks up his own hookers!

  3. Neil says:

    Most likely it’s those kind of character traits that are the reson he’s the Number 2 guy at the law firm and has been around for 30 years.

  4. Neil says:

    Yes, coffee good.

  5. DonJosé says:

    I made the coffee once. Brought in a brand new bag of Starbucks. Made the coffee. When my flight sergeant came out he made his own damn pot! Apparently, mine is too strong for his tastes. So now I just let him make the damn coffee.