Drive By Fisking

I saw this article linked over at Samidata with this gem:

Michael Moore’s controversial polemic Farenheit 9/11 became the first documentary for nearly 50 years to win the Palme d’Or at the Cannes film festival last night.

The film, which contains scathing attacks on the business dealings of President George Bush as well as the first footage of American soldiers torturing prisoners in Iraq, beat off competition from more famous directors, including Wong Kar-Wai, Emir Kusturica and the Coen brothers to scoop top prize.

“More famous?” What the fug is this guy smoking? Not even the Coen Brothers are more famous than the Worlds Largest Asshat. He won simply because he is a famous asshat. He could have put an extreme closeup of his naked ass (life size, in other words) with a Lady of Spain on an organ soundtrack and they would have given him a standing O.

He added: ‘The last time I was on an award stage in Hollywood, all hell broke loose.’ Moore had been heckled when he spoke out against Bush in his acceptance speech after winning an Oscar for his previous documentary, Bowling for Columbine.

He wasn’t heckled for speaking out against Bush. He was heckled for being a lunatic moonbat and for being generally incoherent.

One Comment

  1. The Sicilian says:

    He was heckled because no one was allowed to bring guns to shoot him.