Kim’s Guns and Trucks

Say Uncle has posted his choices in Kim’s Challenge:

If you were only going to shoot one handgun and one rifle, and drive only one car or truck for the rest of your life, what would your choice(s) be?

My choices (and reasons) were:

  • Glock Model 17 (9mm): I know Kim has an irrational bigotry against the 9mm Parabelum cartridge. Tough titty. It’s my gun. More importantly, it is my only gun. It is the gun that will have to teach my kids to shoot with. It is the gun that I might have to hand off to my wife or kid if things get nasty. I want a cartridge that I can carry a lot of and that someone that people other than a strapping 27 year old man can handle.
  • M14: Did I want a battle rifle, a hunting rifle, or a varmint rifle? If I have to pick, I’ll take the battle rifle. I can make a battle rifle serve as the other two much easier than one of the others will serve as a battle rifle. The M14 is pretty much the best battle rifle ever made.
  • HMMWV: A real Hummer, not one of these H2 monstrosities. It will run on damned near anything, is something I can work on, is much harder to tear up than a civilian vehicle, and can go anywhere. If there wasn’t such a creature as a Hummer, I would have gone for a Willys Jeep for the same reason.

There you go.

One Comment

  1. The Sicilian says:

    GUN-SIG Sauer P220 Sport (because it fires smoothly and accurately, it was made for my hand and I need a lighter gun because I’m a chic)
    RIFLE-Colt accurized HBAR semi-automatic centerfire rifle 223 (Because it looks really slick and fires really quick)
    CAR-I’ll go with a Hummer, also. For the fact that it can endure anything.