That Tears It

My letter to the Libertarian Party:

I am currently contributing to the Libertarian Party through the Monthly Pledge program. Please DISCONTINUE my participation in this program and consider my membership in the party resigned.

In light of the party’s inexplicably anti-freedom stance on the liberation of Iraq and a complete failure of the party to face the reality of defending America (rather than giving long-term plans that fail to account for the current realities of the world), I cannot continue to support a party who advocates a plan of action that would deny basic human freedom to an entire nation.

Your recent press release (Prisoner-abuse scandal provides another good reason to get out of Iraq (May 4, 2004)) highlights a fundamental failure of the LP — looking at freedom as an American right, rather than a human right. I can no longer, in good conscience, support a party this recklessly amoral.

Again, DISCONTINUE my membership in the Monthly Pledge program and the Libertarian Party.


  1. So exactly how is your justification, “… looking at freedom as an American right, rather than a human right” any different than one espoused by an evil UNer?

  2. Phelps says:

    I don’t understand the question. The LP seems to want to treat freedom as an American right (an oxymoron in itself). The UN doesn’t recognize human freedom. I think that human freedom is self-evident.